Results of the call for questions

On the behalf of the organizing and scientific committees, we would like to thank you for your very valuable inputs regarding the future scopes/themes of the WRRmod2021 conference. We have now closed the “call for questions” for the WRRmod2021 conference. After receiving more than 75 responses, we are happy to share the results of this poll with you. The highlights of our analysis are below and will be used to determine the focus of the conference.

Data already triggered passionate discussions at WRRmod2018. There is also an overwhelming response in favor of discussions about data at WRRmod2021 (yay: 65, nay: 10, no response: 1). Our interpretation of the free-form text responses is that you are most interested in better integration of data with models that you already know and use. Confronting models with data (or data with models?) is bound to remain a hot discussion item in Arosa, Switzerland.


As far as topics go, three out of six predefined topics carried your interest the most and will therefore dominate WRRmod2021:

  • Model Calibration/Validation Approaches

  • Energy/chemical minimization

  • Collecting and integrating data into model practice

Several of you provided topics related to process design, operations, and control. As a group, these topics interested you more than some of the predefined topics. You can expect to hear about the use of models for cost-effective process design, operations, and automation!

Distribution of responders

By country: Europe and North America are by far the most responsive with 72 out of 76 respondents.  This could be expected given that the seminar have only been organized in these two continents. The distribution between Europe and North America is fairly even (41/31).


By role in the water sector: The distribution between academia and practice is very good (32/44).