COVID-19 related changes

After much deliberation, we have concluded that the best option for WRRmod2021 is organize it online. While the Covid vaccine roll-out is definitely promising in many areas of the world, we believe many of the tentative attendees are not in a position to commit to a physical trip to Switzerland. Whereas previous WRRmod2021 editions have required an application letter as a way to select leading experts to join the WRRmod seminars, we have chosen to abandon this idea for this particular edition. First, an online seminar allows for many more thoughts and opinions to be shared in a friction-less manner. Second, the virtual arrangement for WRRmod2021 will permit the WRRmod community to open up to new members and new ideas.

General information

The next IWA Water Resources Recovery Modelling Conference takes place from August 21nd until 25th, 2021 and will be fully virtual. This conference is endorsed by the International Water Association (IWA) and supported by the Water Environment Federation (WEF). The WRRmod2021 conference is organized by Eawag, the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology.


The WRRmod conference series (formerly WWTmod seminars) is designed to share and discuss cutting-edge research as well as practices in modelling of water resource recovery facilities (WRRF). The conferences are internationally highly recognized as the place where practitioners, utilities, engineers, and researchers are brought together to debate innovative modelling theory and practices and thus play a key role in bridging academia with engineering practice.


Previous conferences took place in Spa, (Belgium, 2014), Annecy (France, 2016) and Lac Beauport (Canada, 2018). The WRRmod2021 conference will take place in a beautiful setting in Arosa, Switzerland.

Stuctured debates - New!

WRRmod2021 introduces a new structured debate session format to stimulate discussion on a number of relevant yet unsettled questions. The organizing committee will invite authors of technical and opinion abstracts reflecting the same or a similar opinion to form a debate team and argue their opinion on stage during the seminar.


To encourage discussion during the seminar, we ask seminar participants to identify topics of debate and formulate their opinion. There are three approaches: (a) by including an opinion section in a technical abstract, (b) by submitting an opinion piece, or (c) by means of a workshop proposal. More details are below.