WRRmod2020 becomes WRRmod2021

As you may have heard or predicted, the ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic also affects WRRmod2020. We have explored multiple options to achieve a successful WRRmod seminar despite the current state of the world. Thank you to all that suggested many alternatives, including digital options. We have now opted for a seminar in the same format, simply delayed with a full year. Motivations for this are two-fold:

  1. The hotel’s position favored a delayed organization of the seminar

  2. The WRRmod seminar series are events that benefit especially from bring modelling minds together in a remote location. A digital option would have prevented this and would also have made participation difficult for attendees across diverse continents


New dates:

  1. The conference will be held in Arosa, Switzerland from August 21-25, 2021

  2. All other dates (submission, application for participation, registration) are delayed with exactly 1 year.

Status of Submitted Abstracts:

  1. All submitted abstracts have been reviewed. We will communicate the reviewers’ comments to you in a separate email (April 2020).

  2. All abstracts submitted until today will be rejected and removed (May 2020).

  3. We will re-open the abstract submission system (June 2020).

  4. Until the submission deadline (Feb 1st, 2021), you can submit a revised version of your current abstract or submit an entirely new one. You can re-use the abstract you submitted already but you have to submit it again to be considered for WRRmod2021.

Status of Seminar Program:


In coordination with the scientific committee, the organizing committee had prepared a tentative program for WRRmod2020 based on the current submission and review results. As we will allow new and revised abstracts to be submitted for WRRmod2021, the review results and this initial program are both considered void. We will not share any program publicly until completion of the new review process in 2021.


Thank you for your understanding and wishing you continued safety, The WRRmod2021 OC