Instructions for authors:


Poster template:



Based on a survey of past and prospective participants, the following topics will be in focus at the WRRmod2021:

  • Model calibration and validation

  • Models for energy and chemical dosage optimization

  • Integrating data into modelling practice

Practical relevance is a key evaluation criterion for all submissions.

We also welcome contributions that highlight recent debates and innovations in the theory and practice of modelling, especially for these application areas:

  • Solids management

  • Resource recovery processes

  • Nutrient removal processes

  • Greenhouse gas emissions and climate impact

  • Integrated modelling (from sewer to lake/river/sea)

  • Process design, operations, and control

  • Cost, risk, and benefit management

Call for abstracts:

We invite you to submit abstracts for oral or poster presentation. We accept two abstract types:

  • Technical abstracts. Technical abstracts are selected for presentation (via debate, oral, or poster) by the scientific committee based on novelty, practical applicability, and scientific quality. Authors are encouraged to include an opinion section to highlight how their work contributes to an ongoing debate in the context of water resource recovery modelling. Accepted abstracts are included in the conference proceedings. A selection of authors will be invited to join a debate team. To qualify, technical abstracts must adhere to the 4-page-max template: Download template technical abstract

  • Opinion abstracts – new! An opinion abstract must (a) explain at least two contrasting points of view that are entertained today in the wastewater modelling sector and (b) select a point of view based on a well-founded motivation. As an example, one could motivate that granular sludge processes should be described by 1D models rather than 3D models. Opinion abstracts are short and are selected based on practical consequences, merit of the arguments, and debate-inducing potential. Technical novelty is welcome but not required. Selected opinion abstracts are included in the conference proceedings. A selection of authors will be invited to join a debate team. To qualify, opinion abstracts must adhere to the 2-page-max template: Download template opinion abstract


Call for workshop proposal:

We invite you to propose workshops covering interesting topics in  the context of wastewater modelling. These workshops can cover one of the focus areas above or another relevant topic in wastewater modelling. The selected workshops will be held at the conference venue on Sunday August 22nd, 2021. Workshop proposals in progress are discussed in the WRRmod2021 LinkedIn group:

The workshops are selected based on quality, relevance, representativess (e.g., academia/industry, gender, source of origin), thematic timeliness, and consensus-forming or debate-inducing potential. To qualify, workshop proposals must adhere to the 2-page-max format described in the template: Download template workshop proposal