For the sake of reducing your carbon footprint we highly recommend you to travel by train if possible.

How to reach Switzerland by train

Thanks to its convenient central location, Switzerland is also served by fast reliable inter-European rail services. Daily services operate from major cities in Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain, France, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Scandinavia and the Benelux countries. Check out CityNightLine for night trains or companies such as Deutsche Bahn, TGV, Cisalpino, Elipsos. Information about train connections within Switzerland and from other neighboring countries can be found on Swiss Railway Website.

How to reach Zurich by airplane

Zurich Airport is the largest and busiest airport in Switzerland. Swiss International Air Lines is the national carrier of Switzerland serving 70 worldwide destinations in 42 countries from its home hub in Zurich. Many major airlines have daily flights to Zurich Airport as well. Find connections to/from Zurich Airport

Arrival recommendation for Saturday, August 21, 2021

We recommend a landing time in Zurich not later than 13h00 to have the opportunity to take the train to Arosa at 14h18. With this connection, you will arrive in Arosa at 17h09 and still have the time to check in at the hotel before the Welcome cocktail starts at 18h30.

Welcome reception desk at the Zurich airport (at the Terminal 1)

We will provide a Welcome reception desk (please follow the sign WRRmod2021) open on Saturday, August 21, 2021 from 09h00 to 15h45 and guides to ensure that people safely make it to the hotel in Arosa.

Travel to Arosa

We will organize train transfers from the Zurich airport to the conference hotel “Waldhotel Arosa”. Zurich is the nearest airport. The transfer with the public train takes three hours. We will have a WRRmod2021 welcome reception desk at the Zürich airport and guides to ensure that people safely make it to the hotel. The last part of the journey will be with the Rhaetian Railway, providing spectacular views

Langwieser Viadukt | © Rhätische Bahn

A selection of train schedules:

Departure Zurich Airport     10:18           Arrival in Arosa   13:08

Departure Zurich Airport     11:18           Arrival in Arosa   14:09

Departure Zurich Airport     12:18           Arrival in Arosa   15:09

Departure Zurich Airport     13:18           Arrival in Arosa   16:09

Departure Zurich Airport     14:18           Arrival in Arosa   17:09

Departure Zurich Airport     15:18           Arrival in Arosa   18:09

Train tickets

Train tickets are available and can be booked during the online registration process. The ticket price, 1st class, roundtrip is CHF 98.00 per person. The train ticket can be picked up at the welcome reception desk at the Zurich airport (Terminal 1), please follow the sign WRRmod2021.

The participant acknowledges that he/she has no right to lodge damage claims against the organizers should the public train be hindered by unexpected train cancellations or other reasons that he/she will miss the airplane. With registration for the airport transfer, the participant accepts this proviso.

How to reach Arosa by car

Almost every highway in Switzerland leads to Chur. Follow the windy road from Chur uphill for about 40 minutes (30 km, 360 turns, 1320 meters in altitude difference). Use of Swiss motorways (first and second-class motorways) has been subject to tax since 1985. The tax is levied in the form of the motorway tax sticker, which costs CHF 40. The motorway tax sticker is valid from 1 December of the year prior to that printed on the sticker through to 31 January of the year following that printed on the sticker. A motorway tax sticker correctly affixed on the vehicle serves as proof of payment. All information about motorway tax sticker.

Departure schedule for Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Train departure time in Arosa is 13:49, arrival time at Zurich Airport at 16h42. Please don’t forget that some flights need a 1-2 hours check-in time before departure. If you need an overnight in Zurich, please contact our WRRmod2021 Registration Office at